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Информация о проекте

Neman Group is independent advisory and management consulting firm based in Russia

Neman group established in 2013 by the former partners and directors of Ernst & Young, Accenture and Oliver Wyman.

The company is splitted into two units – Neman Advisors and Neman Technology – and is led by a team of 5 directors with a joint decision-making authority on strategic issues and practice management.

Team of 20 advisors is supported in our engagements by 25 technology and business experts – former executives and specialists from Schlumberger, ThomsonReuters, MTS, large oil & gas and metals & mining companies in addition to technology leaders, engaged on an as-needed basis as temporary project subcontractors.

A single firm cannot cover a vast array of emerging needs for professional competencies. In implementing our projects, we cooperate with top 5 international and domestic legal firms – members of Chambers 100 list, as well as leading technological companies.

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